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Sponsorship Principles Guide

Sponsorship Principles Guide

This guide that lays out key sponsorship principles to supercharge your organisation's sponsorship strategy. Uncover the art of simplifying your approach to finding, researching, and connecting with potential sponsors, all while setting up important guidelines for your sponsorship ventures.


Who Is This For?:

If you’re in a role related to partnerships, marketing, or sales, this guide is a go-to resource. It's designed to simplify the art of finding and connecting with potential sponsors, all while ensuring your sponsorship ventures align seamlessly with your organisation's values and goals.


Why You Need This:

Ever wondered how to approach potential sponsors like a pro? By following these principles, you'll bring structure to your sponsorship approach, whether it's close to home or on the global stage.


What You’ll Get:
These principles will help you to forge impactful sponsorships that remain aligned with your organisation's core values.


This guide sits within the planning quadrant of our sponsorship toolkit.

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