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We are
sponsorship experts

We develop and sell sponsorships for a living!

The team behind The Sponsorship Toolkit are experienced, hands-on sponsorship professionals who develop and sell sponsorship for membership organisations and not for profits day in and day out.


We guarantee that all the information we share and the advice we provide is based on decades of real life, successful examples of what works.

sponosrship tookit methodology and approach to help you sell sponsorship successfully.

Our Method

With more than 25 years experience of working with membership organisations, we have developed a sponsorship approach that works. 

The Sponsorship Toolkit includes all our tried and tested elements that you need to plan, develop, secure and deliver successful sponsorships.

  • 4 core stages

  • 12 essential steps

  • 60 fundamentals 

All of the guides, checklists, cheat sheets, templates within the toolkit connect back to the stages of our tried and tested approach. 

Let us train you step by step or pick and choose from any area that you need support.

Team brainstorming sponsorship approach and sales technique.

All the help you need in one place.

The Sponsorship Toolkit has been created specifically for people working in institutes, societies, clubs, trade associations, NGO's, charities and other types membership organisations that have been tasked to secure sponsorship.

It doesn't matter where you are based, what industry, profession or community your organisation represents, we have the guidance, tools and learning for you. 

If you work in conferences, events, publishing, awards, research, policy, regional or grass roots and need to secure sponsorship we can help you. 

Some of our customers

Developing partnerships across thought leadership and research including webinars and podcasts. Also assisting with partnership delivery.
Developing partnerships across industry leading research programmes and content.
Supporting our client in developing partnerships and sponsorships across key conferences and regional events.
partnership development work for client, helping them maximise their research programmes by finding sponsors
working with client to develop partnerships across policy and research programmes that align to values.
Developing partnerships across membership organisations key content areas and programmes of work.
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