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Our Policies 

We have a range of policies and procedures to support us in achieving our mission. We are committed to ethical behaviour that is aligned with our values and complies with all relevant state, territory and commonwealth laws. We are values based and put our customers interests at the heart of what we do.

Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy is a fundamental concern for us, just as it is crucial for us to provide clear insights into how we gather, utilize, and disclose information concerning you in a transparent manner. View our policy here.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions outline the rules and guidelines that govern your interaction with The Sponsorship Toolkit's services. This document clarifies your responsibilities, rights, and expectations when using our platform. From privacy and intellectual property to usage policies and dispute resolution, our Terms and Conditions provide a comprehensive overview to ensure a smooth and respectful experience for all users. View our policy here.

Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Fraud, and Safeguarding Against Misuse of Funds

We are dedicated to taking every reasonable measure to ensure that any financial resources or in-kind assistance we offer to our partners and third parties are not used for Terrorist Activities. Additionally, we work diligently to prevent fraud, theft, misappropriation, money laundering, and the improper use of funds, as well as corruption during the transfer of resources within The Sponsorship Toolkit. View our policy here.

Environment & Sustainability

Our Environment and Sustainability Policy reflects our unwavering commitment to fostering a greener future. We prioritise responsible environmental practices across our operations, from reducing energy consumption to promoting eco-friendly travel options. Through clear communication, targeted training, and continuous improvement efforts, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint and encourage all stakeholders to join us in embracing sustainable development. View our policy here.

Payment Methods

We take a range of payment methods at The Sponsorship Toolkit. These include:​

  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • PayPal

  • Offline Payments

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