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Regional Sponsorship Sales Handbook

Regional Sponsorship Sales Handbook

Empower your regional and branch offices to cultivate local revenue streams through strategic sponsorships, aligned with central partnership initiatives.


Who’s This For?:

This handbook is tailor-made for regional teams, branches, and anyone in partnership, marketing, or sales roles. This valuable resource is your key to streamlining and ensuring the success of your regional sponsorships.


Why You Need This:

This handbook addresses the challenge of grasping the value of your membership and the industry's collective significance to businesses consistently and effectively at regional levels.


What You’ll Get:
Discover how to create a range of sponsorships, partnerships, and alliances across branches and regions. This proactive approach supports your organisation in achieving collaborative feats beyond its individual capacity, facilitated by an external understanding of its value. Harness best practices to elevate your organisation's capabilities through effective collaborations.



This guide sits within the development, planning and sales quadrants of The Sponsorship Toolkit.

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