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Sponsorship Selection Criteria Factsheet

Sponsorship Selection Criteria Factsheet

When fostering external relationships, it's imperative to define your organisation's sponsorship requirements and expectations. While revenue is crucial, sponsors offer more than just financial support. However, some partnerships can turn burdensome, costing more effort than yielding benefits. Striking a balance is vital.


Who Is the For?:

This factsheet is your go-to tool if you're part of a sponsorship-seeking team. It's designed to help you understand what sponsors look for and how to align your sponsorship opportunities effectively, ensuring prosperous collaborations and meaningful relationships.


Why You Need This:

Learn to establish clear selection criteria that align with your organisation's goals. Effective selection ensures mutual understanding and optimal outcomes for both parties.


What You'll Get:

Equip yourself with strategies for implementing a robust sponsorship strategy and selecting compatible sponsorships. Develop selection criteria that resonate with your organisation's objectives, setting the stage for productive and harmonious sponsor relationships.



This factsheet sits within the planning quadrant of the sponsorship toolkit.

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